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Cable Certifiers and Testers

For Copper, Fiber and Coax

Certifiers for Copper and Fiber

Test to TIA and ISO Standards Cat5e/6/6A/8

Testers for Cable Certification and Network Troubleshooting

Certification for Copper and Coax

Softing offers basic copper channel and permanent link as well as  M12,patchcord, barewire and VNA adapters

Certification for Single-Mode; EF Multi-Mode and MPO Fiber

WireXpert has adapters for Tier 1 testing of Single-Mode; Encircled Flux Multi-Mode and MPO Fiber links

Cable Testers

Softing's range of cable testers can very wiring as well as perform active network tests.  A range of remotes are available for both RJ45 and coax connections.