Automation Products

Data Exchange Modules, Computing Products, Network Cards & Test Tools

We have developed computing and communications modules for Rockwell Automation controller platforms from PLC-5 through ControlLogix. We also have experience with a wide range of network protocols including EtherNet/IP; Modbus TCP/IP and Siemens Industrial Ethernet.  As part of Softing, we've expanded into Network Test Tools

Appliance Transaction Modules

Designed for Enterprise-to-Controller or Controller-to-Controller data exchange. Set-up of tag/array data transfer is done graphically via configuration software. Once completed, the modules alone handle all data exchange - no other software is required.

Special Application Modules

Modules and panel mounted products that allow a user to write custom programs in high-level languages such as C.

Network Cards

Cards with extended temperature range (>70 deg C) to connect computers and industrial terminals to networks such as ControlNet and EtherNet/IP.

Network Test Tools

Cable certifiers allow installers and control engineers to quickly analyze and troubleshoot their Ethernet cabling installations.  Softing's most advanced certifier, the WireXpert 4500 tests systems to the highest levels quickly and easily and includes options for various types of media and connectors.

Embedded I/O Modules for DeviceNet


Softing 1799 Embedded I/O modules offer an off-the-shelf solution for OEM machinery and conveyor applications. These board-level products allow you to buy just what is needed for an optimum I/O system connected via DeviceNet.

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